What’s the minimum amount I can start investing with?

The minimum investment is $1000 AUD.

How do I deposit and withdraw my funds?

Your funds are held with our preferred broker AxiTrader who are regulated by ASIC.
The funds are held in a segregated trust account as per ASIC regulations.
You can choose to deposit and withdraw whenever you want.
Your funds are completely controlled by you, not TraderPilot.

Can I stop my account from copying the portfolio manager?

Yes. You can either disconnect your account or pause your trading any time you like.
Speak with your Co-Pilot about how this is done.

What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server. A system that hosts web-based services away from your local connection. The benefit of using a VPS in automated trading is that if your local internet connection drops out, your trading account will not be impacted.

Who are the 'portfolio managers'?

The portfolio managers are professional currency traders with extensive experience working for high-level fund management firms.

How do the portfolio managers invest?

Our portfolio managers trade margin foreign exchange (Forex) and CFD's.

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